Which was scarier? Silent Hill Shattered Memories or Fatal Frame?

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    Hello, me and my buddy were wanting to play a good horror title on my Wii U, and since the new Fatal Frame hasn't yet been released, we decided to dive into the games of yesteryear. Now I played and beat Shattered Memories a few years back and found it fantastic, one of the best 3rd party titles on the system to make use of the Wiimote and genuinely creepy. I'd rank it up there with the greatest Silent Hill titles. So instead we wanted a new experience so we started Fatal Frame 4 with the English sub patch released a few years back, and holy hell is that game scary as well. Only about 2 hours in and already have bee freaked out many times.

    This made me curious though, which Wii title did you find more horrifying? Shattered Memories or Fatal Frame 4? I'm early in my playthru, but I'm already leaning toward Fatal Frame 4. But I'd love to hear what you think, or is there a Wii game I haven't mentioned that you find even scarier? For the record, I loved Resident Evil 4, especially the Wii edition, but I never found that title particularly scary, it's more of a Zombie action game with creepy moments throughout it, but nothing that ever really freaked me out.