1. Jhed

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    May 22, 2006
    United States
    I'm planning to buy a USB wi-fi adapter soon. I'm wondering which one I should get.

    I knew that there was an official nintendo one as reviewed here. I also noticed this Datel one when I was at Fry's not too long ago.

    I noticed in the review that the nintendo one only works on Windows computers.

    Does the Datel one work on operating systems other than Windows, or do you also need to install some software that is only available for Windows? I use Linux, but I have some Windows computers around as well (they're quite a ways away in my living room, but I suppose I could just lay on the couch and play if necessary).

    Although it isn't necessary to have one that works on other operating systems, it certainly is a plus if it does. I always find it questionable when they say something works on "any PC" as that usually means it works on any Windows XP PC. [​IMG]

    Aside from the operating system issue, which would you guys recommend as the better buy and why?

    I'll probably buy whatever is available when I go to the store next, but if there are both of them available, your recommendations will help me decide. [​IMG]
  2. pinbi7

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    Apr 4, 2004
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