Which USB charger brand is the safest?

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    with so many instances of branded and no-name brand USB charging adapters exploding and electrocuting people to death, does anyone know which brand of USB charging adapters are actually safe to use?

    obviously sony branded ones meet IEC standards, but they are a tad bit expensive ($60 dollars!) so what else is there?

    what about german brands? any other ones made in japan?

    thanks for letting me know!



    Remember the japanese company Verbatim? (Mitsubishi Kagaku Media) they used to manufacture high quality floppy discs and burnable CD/DVDs back in the 1990s/200s alongside Taiyo Yuden. back in the early millennial years i was a huge optical media enthusiast, and Taiyo Yuden / Verbatim / Yamaha were the top premium brands recommended by my peers as being the most ideal brands for long-term data archival solution, especially for digital photography.

    apparently Verbatim also make USB charger nowadays, i was at the mall yesterday and i saw this particular model of their USB charger. you think that a reputable brand like Verbatim dabbling in the field of USB chargers could atleast be able to produce some good quality products like they used to, right?

    i mean just look at all the safety standards and ratings that were on the packaging; compliance to FC/CE/RoHS.....even IEC60950! not even SONY branded ones have IEC60950 on their packaging!

    what could possibly go wrong with buying a usb charger with full compliance to FC/CE/RoHS/IEC60950 standards?

    you'd think that this thing is as safe as it's going to get right?


    then this happened. the USB charger exploded as soon as it was plugged in.

    even a USB charger with full compliance for FC/CE/RoHS/IEC60950 standards and it still exploded.

    this is a USB charger from a reputable brand like Verbatim, and it still exploded.

    not even Sony branded USB chargers have compliance for IEC60950, this one does, and it still exploded.

    i guess this means that there's no such thing as a SAFE usb charger, this is literally like picking a lottery, 50/50 chance you either get electrocuted or you don't.

    truly a scary world to live in.
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    I guess these chargers that explode probably are faulty, or they were just too overloaded.

    I barely use USB adapters, so I can't give you any advice.
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    Just dont buy china crap and ur good, like dont get usb charges that are cheap af. Just get a usb cable for 15-20$.
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