Which set of cards should I choose?

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    May 1, 2007
    So, I'm close to ordering a set of flash carts for my NDS, one slot-1 cart and one slot-2 cart. However, there are certain requirements I have for the carts, and I'm having troubles finding info on how well the different cards (if any) support certain features.

    I'd like to have a slot-1 cart which can player backups of my Pokémon Platinum/Diamond/Pearl without any kinds of general hickups... which seems like a fairly easy task. I was intending to look for an Acekard or CycloDS, but there is another thing I want it to support; I want it to support the dual-slot functions of said games, the ability to detect Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald/LeafGreen/FireRed from slot-2. This however, I'm having problems finding.

    So, the next part is what slot-2 card to choose. I was initially looking at an M3 of some sort (not sure on specifically which one I was going to go for), which can play backups of my Gen3 Pokémon games properly, but then I noticed some info on it possibly not supporting said dual-slot function. The slot-2 card I choose would have to be able to work with the slot-1 card in making itself look like the real game.

    With the following in mind, the question goes as follows; are there any sets that support the aforementioned games and dual-slot properly? What recommendations can you give me?
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    Possible combinations include the M3 Real and its slot-2 expansion pack (not the slot-2 M3 Perfect or Pro devices), the Supercard DS and slot-2 Supercard (not Rumble), or any slot-1 card and the EZ-Flash 3in1 expansion pack (using some patch files).
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    I had to get three cards to fill all my requirements. The Cyclo Evolution is the best slot one. For my slot two I got a 3in1, an excellent choice to DS to GBA linkage. I ended up getting a M3 perfect for the RTC RTS and cheat function. I've been happy with that combo. It's too bad that one slot two can't do it all.