Which PS Vita firmware is best for me?

Discussion in 'PS Vita - Hacking & Homebrew' started by CatmanFan, Oct 16, 2016.

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    Aug 14, 2016
    I was just recently interested in buying a PS Vita, and I want to ask which firmware has the best and the most jailbreak capabilities out of any version (besides Henkaku for 3.60).

    Anyway, I just want to ask which firmware is best for me, in order of release:
    3.00 ; 3.36 ; 3.50 ; 3.51 ; 3.52 ; 3.55 ; 3.57 ; and 3.60.

    For this subject, I need a series of questions about these firmwares' homebrew capabilities answered so I can know which version to have/update to, because I'm just a casual/beginner at PS Vita hacking and not necessarily hardcore/advanced or intermediate :P
    1. Which versions are capable of TN-V, VHBL and FTP hosting?
    2. Are any of these compatible with custom PS Vita, PSP and PS1 type bubbles?
    3. If so, which method is used for creating and installing for each of these bubbles?
    4. Which versions support VitaShell?
    5. Which of these will support PKG installing?
    If any of you answer all of these questions with accurate answers please let me know :yaypsp:
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    I forgot
    1. Firmwares on or below 3.55 are compatible with TN-V and ARK. 3.60 and lower supports VHBL. FTP can be used with 3.60 and lower, however for 3.55 you need to use VitaFTP (since there's no native Vita hack firmware lower than 3.60) and for 3.60 Vitashell has an FTP host included.
    2. All are AFAIK, though the methods are different depending on the firmware.
    3. http://wololo.net/2015/01/11/how-to-detailed-tutorial-about-creating-custom-bubbles-for-ps-vita/ for 3.55 and lower, http://wololo.net/2016/07/29/tutorial-installing-vhbl-custom-bubble-via-henkaku-firmware-3-60/ for 3.60
    4. Vitashell is a native Vita homebrew, it will only work with Rejuvenate or Henkaku. Since you can't get Rejuvenate now, Henkaku is your only choice (which is only for 3.60).
    5. I know 3.36 broke access to the PKG manager, however 3.60 does support it (since we have a kernel exploit and can just replace the PKG manager). Do note that you can only install DRM-free PKGs.

    If you're interested in PSP/PS1 game loading and homebrew only, then TN-V or ARK are for you and the last exploit game was on 3.55 (there's an ePSP exploit being worked on for 3.60, but we don't know when it will release). VHBL is for PSP homebrew only, and works on 3.60 and lower.

    If you're interested in native Vita homebrew and game loading, use Henkaku which is only available on 3.60.

    IMO, at this point, you should stick with 3.60 since Henkaku is a native Vita exploit. This gives you access to the full power of the Vita for homebrew and emulators, and Vita backup loading is fun, too. Once ARK is finished being ported over, you can get PSP/possibly PS1 backup loading as well so there's no real reason not to.
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