Which online retailer is safe to order gba cart from.

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    Hey peeps,

    I've been rocking a ezflash Advance 256mb and a 512mb X-rom card for years now but i think it is about time to put them to bed its very old tech and having to boot up my 10+ year old xp laptop to flash them is becoming a hassle, so ive been looking around and have discovered ez-flash have developed a new ez-flash iv sdhc cart.

    Thing is though i havnt brought a new flash cart in ages (i got my originals on ebay) so where is a good place to grab one of these.

    ive check www.ezflash.cn and looked at there online retailers and the only two that work for the uk are.




    has any one used these in the past and are they safe to use?.
    Many thanks.

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    Sep 19, 2013
    keep in mind, the new cart is the same thing as others ez iv
    only diference is they have a different case (shell) and instead a MINI SD slot, they have a micro sd slot

    i am telling this, because OLD ez iv also got sdhc support. the real diference is the firmware update and micro sd slot

    i think shop01media is safe... didnt bought from them.. but since they are on ez iv retailers..
    i once thought they had a m3 perfect card and emailed, they replied that the card i seen was a m3 real. they didnt tried to sell me the wrong item, so i guess they are not scammers...
    they do have lots of stuff that is hard to find now... email them and ask if they have on stock before buying.. the website may be outdated..