Which one should I buy, a PS Vita 1000 or a PS Vita 2000 Slim?

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    Dec 26, 2007
    I'm one of the few that prefer the more accurate LCD colours of the Slim. The lack of occasional blotchy issues with the OLED won't be missed either. You can have your OLED deeper blacks and oversaturated, less accurate colours (and unwanted brighter minimum brightness setting), along with the Fat's worse battery life. The feel in the hand is drastically better on the Slim to me: it is much lighter, thinner and it has a more comfortable rounded body. Start and Select buttons have usable surface area too. Some on-board memory is in-built too.

    The Slim has no silver-painted plastic trim. I have aversions to coated plastics in general, especially when they are trying to give things a fake metal look. The only thing I really like about the Fat is something most hate: the better-designed charging connector. I'm not a fan of MicroUSB. The only thing MicroUSB has going for it is its ubiquity: it's so easy to find a cable and have that cable work with many devices.