Gaming Which games are available for both the Nintendo Switch and PC (+ Ubuntu GNU/Linux via Proton)?


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May 27, 2019
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Originally from and, with original formatting preserved:

Ever since 2011, the starting year in which I began learning about free/open source software (FOSS), I have made one of my goals to be that I strive to use FOSS whenever it's possible. Before then, my family was all-Windows and I was unaware of FOSS and proprietary software, but I have great awareness now. However, some domains do not have any decent FOSS alternatives whatsoever, and some genres of games are one kind of these domains.

In hopes of expanding my perspectives beyond the somewhat limited one already made by FOSS games (and possibly developing new ones with the knowledge I gain), I have decided to get into some more mainstream gaming with Nintendo Switch games and PC games from Steam. Now keep in mind that I will maintain some level of fierceness that Richard Stallman has when dealing with proprietary software (his views on this at I'm into Switch games only because I have an unpatched unit made before July 2018 with a bootrom bug that allows for hacking and running custom software, some of which include select Linux distros, and CFW that allows me to utilize downloaded NSP files. Access to Nintendo 1st-party titles is a big plus for me, as I know that company will never publish them on PC for the time being (it's one of my dreams that I hope that at least some 1st-party games from Nintendo and Sony can eventually be released for PC). Once the hardware on that unit dies in a way that can't be easily repaired (a component on the motherboard most likely), that's the end of my exploration of Switch games (running emulators like yuzu isn't an option for most games right now), and I will only deal with FOSS games and those from Steam after that point.

However, no matter how much I try to move forward with this plan, I'm always rightly worried that almost all of these titles I will be playing will be proprietary software, the kind whose licenses always take away freedoms from consumers, both for the software and audiovisual content. There is no problem with those games being commercial or being sold, but its them being proprietary software that worries me and many other hardcore FOSS activists. The only option I have for backing out is to reject all of the non-free software and games in existence, including those on consoles, discontinuing use of the consoles as well as they also contain usually non-replaceable proprietary OSes. Additionally, I would also have to treat every single video game character I liked and will like as my enemies, as they are all non-free copyrighted by the companies who created them (as work-for-hires by the people working for them), until their copyrights expire in several more decades according to current copyright laws worldwide. I would love to just reject these games and other software so that I could preserve 100% of my computing freedoms, but that isn't completely possible in today's world, and I would also miss out on perspectives not offered by any FOSS games (although there is something to be said about quality vs. quantity for the far fewer FOSS games). It is possible that I could sustain myself with only the FOSS games listed at, if I can manage to ignore getting tempted by other genres that cannot be feasibly replicated in the FOSS world.

Given the real-world circumstances above, and that most people won't be familiar with FOSS, my only realistic choice is to adapt and play some of the mainstream games that they play if I ever hope to increase my chances of enlarging my social network; some of them may not care about computing freedoms at all as they can't make the same connections that they would have with physical items. I could try to educate them, but that is not always guaranteed to work. That leaves me to think that I should be one who adapts to whomever I meet, unless I succeed in educating them about FOSS. On the actual work of finding which Switch games are also available on PC, I have already found a considerable amount of titles from, some of which come from well-known companies (I can easily get overwhelmed by the sheer choice available, so I cannot play every title listed over there). In contrast with the situation with my Switch unit, it is likely that I will pay for these titles so that I don't end up with so much hassle as long as they are not too expensive. I'm glad that at least some titles I can play right on a PC, but I wonder if there's even more than what ProtonDB lists. That's what I initially seek: Are there more games that are available for the Nintendo Switch that are also available for PC, even beyond what would be available in Steam, but supported with Proton (especially important if I decide to try games found only on other services)?
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