Which flashcart to buy?

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    I've been using an R4 for the last year or so but with the lack of update, no SDHC support and no wii conectivity I think its time too upgrade. So what is currently the best card available? I'm after something that is regularly updated to fix problems with new releases/save type aswell as wii conectivity and preferably sdhc support although that isn't essential. Also I'm in the Uk so where is the best place to buy one from?
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    Hi! This is the topic you need....You should be able to find out the right cart for you in there..

    Best cards in my opinion would be M3 Real and CycloDS...Both updated very often, and have SDHC compatibility, but I'm not sure about wii connectivity, as I don't own a wii..
    Post in the topic Ive linked.......
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    I believe the CycloDS is the only one with Wii connectivity.

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    I'm still not convinced it's one of the best carts. The Sakura is excellent (So much, that even I wanted one), however, the features for the price of the SCDS1 destroys other carts, features wise. However, it's menu is quite slow, compared to others (Although it's actually pretty decent, IMO).

    Here's my new list, and explained

    Acekard RPG> SCDS1 SDHC=CycloDS> Acekard 2 (The bad batch is hidious at the moment. Even OZmodchips were advicing people to think carefully, and risk it, or wait.)> M3 Real (With Sakura. This is IMO) > EDGE > DSTT > R4
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    wheres the explanation?
    I dont see how RPG can be rated No.1.
    Its not just about potential its about results, the card has the nice 1GB NAND but thats basically all thats seperating it from a working AK2 atm
    There are no updates for it - last update in feb iirc
    Even when the custom AKIO or whatever is released its still got less useful features than scds1 and who knows how long until more improvements are made?
    Most expensive card with lesser features doesn't make it best imo.

    best place to buy one is almost always dealextreme - slow shipping but lowest prices of anywhere. Using UK stockists you will pay 100% more probably.
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    The CycloDS and G6Real are the only cards that support Wii Connectivity for PBR and the CycloDS is better then G6Real so I would suggest CycloDS.
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    Apr 21, 2007
    If price is an issue, which it usually is, then Acekard 2 is definitely the best card. With AKAIO it will have most of the features of the more expensive cards, but is a lot cheaper. It has a truly excellent menu, and few problems.