Which flashcart is best for the money?

Discussion in 'GBA - Emulation' started by mike84596, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. mike84596

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    Jan 18, 2010
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    Recently, I went out to buy a super portable GBA Micro. So I go on to target (because i had a 55$ gift card to target) and find out they're now unavailable. So instead of getting the GBA micro and the EZflashIV like I had planned, I am now going to send in my friends broken DSLite, and receive a new one for around 80$. Now it is a little hard finding a quality flash cart that ;
    1. Won't break down on me or mess up in any way. (wont break or corrupt my saved files)
    2. Can play GBA and DS games as well with near 100% compatibility.
    3. Is fairly cheap!!
    4. A nice clean GUI would be good.

    So can anyone recommend/ help me decide which one to get? Thanks!
  2. mike84596

    mike84596 Newbie

    Jan 18, 2010
    United States
  3. Joe88

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    Jan 6, 2008
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    m3 real perfect bundle is pretty much unrivaled when it comes to GBA


    and m3 sakura awesome gui

    on that link, just hit add to cart button
    DX removed the product pages for tons of flashcarts if you havnt noticed due to complaints from paypal
    this is a work around
  4. Giga_Gaia

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    Sep 12, 2006
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    You could wait for the Supercard DSTwo to be released. Dunno about the price, but it has extra hardware like the iPlayer. You will be able to play NDS roms (duh), but it will also have built-in emulators for gba and snes.
  5. Matthew

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    Dec 8, 2009
    You've basicly got three choices:

    A. Get a slot 1 and a slot 2
    B. Get an ordinary slot one card and a DS Iplayer
    C. Wait for the Supercard DS TWO

    Good slot ones; Acekard 2, M3