Which Flash-card to buy?

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    i read some reviews and i heard that the DSTT/TTDS is supposed to be good, since i want to buy a DS Lite very soon and want to play backups on it.

    since i dont know much about all the different solutions to chose from, i could use some questions answered if someone is nice enough to spare some time...

    1. Is it the best card?
    2. Which games cant be played?
    3. i heard GBA games can only be played with slot-2 cards, is it true?
    3a. Which card is the best? cheapest?
    4. Should i chose Slot-1 or Slot-2 and why?
    5. Whats a Passme/Flashme?
    6. What other questions should i have asked?

    Thanks in advance!
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    best budget card is acekard 2.

    best card overall is cyclods
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    1.It is very good cart....you won't make a mistake if you decide to buy DSTT, but it's not THE best cart..
    2.All games can be played, it could happen that recent released games don't work right away, but updates come out really fast..(games that are known for lagging and freezing problems are Castlevania - Portrait of Ruin & Tony Hawks Downhill Jam)
    3.Yes, you need a slot 2 card (there are expansions that can be bought) if you want to play GBA games on NDS, there is NO other way to play them
    4.Slot 1, it's better, faster, no need for flashing your NDS or for Passcards (those are used to play NDS games from slot 2)..
    5. is a bit long to explain it now and here....

    Al those questions and much more you can find in other topics and threads, as those are pretty common here..
    You can even find a DSTT boards, and also be sure to check the thread that Bri suggested..
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