Which flash card should I buy?(if any)

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    OK so I have a 2ds and recently did all that hacking cfw stuff so now I have that latest firmware with luma+arm and freeshop. Being new to the "hacking" world, I quickly learned that you can't for whatever reason play pirated ds games on 3ds or 2ds without a flashcart b/c the twloader thing is at very early stages and not going anywhere fast.

    So after some research I guess I was informed that nds-flashcards.com sells flashcards and the particular one that I MIGHT need is the r4si gold or whatever. But I have some concerns like will it work on a 2ds and on which firmware. The following is going to sound lazy but if anyone would baby me through this and even pick out a flashcard for me then I would appreciate it. Yeah I'm being lazy but pls help.

    edit: Is this one it?

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    One that was very famous is the Acekard 2i. Just don't buy from r4isdhc.com. Their cards have a time bomb on them.
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    Pretty much every cart works on the 2DS/3DS nowadays, but some of them are easier to set up than others. Some of them have timebombs (aka they're programmed to stop working on specific dates, but those can be bypassed with a few hex-edits) while others have been blocked by Nintendo and may require a bit of messing around with your console's firmware to get them to work. The DStwo works fine, but it's more expensive, and the extra features will drain your battery life faster, even if the cart isn't being used.

    If you want to avoid issues, the r4ids.cn R4i Gold is probably your best bet.
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