Which files are ones that would be in an image gallery?

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    May 14, 2008
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    I've played Bleach Heat the Soul 5 for awhile now, and when I got bored one day I found the image gallery. A lot of pics in there are really cool and being a huge Bleach fan, I want 'em. BAD. I've took a peek into the game (like you do with DSLazy) and I just can't find those images. They aren't quite so obvious as DS games. There are couple file extensions I haven't seen before. Anyone have any idea what kind of file extension it could be in?

    EDIT: Upon expanding it into a ISO, some new folders and files popped up, and I believe I found the certain character pics I've been looking for. However, the files withing the folder are in a .fpk format, one I've never scene before. Looking it up shows it was used by Adobe and Jet Works in '02. There were no viewers/openers to be found. Does anyone know of one? Or can someone make one?