which ds kit ?

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  1. ginger prince

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    May 28, 2008
    just a bit of help here, im looking to purchase a slot 1 ds flash kit, is the r4 the bees knees ? im a newbie & would love a bit of advice, does the disc contain all i need to know ?
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    You're going to get flamed for this, there are tons of these threads already.
    The R4 isn't worth buying anymore.

    The Best Cards, expensive:
    Acekard R.P.G, CycloDS Evolution

    The Best card, mid range:
    Supercard DSONE

    Budget good cards:
    Acekard2, DSToptoy/ToptoyDS

    If you have any more questions, I guarantee they've already been answered, there's 100s of these threads already - I'm sure you'll be able to find them.
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    Man......use the search button, or just read the titles on the board......there are lots of topics on this subject.....

    Read reviews, and NO R4 would not be the best option, it's outdated and pricey, it is a good cart, but there are other ones better....
    Look up on CycloDS, Acekard 2, M3 Real etc. they all got SDHC support and extra features, while R4 has none..


    Read, and do some research..than, if you have questions..feel free to ask!!