Where to start to remove a visual effect from Twilight Princess in Cemu? (other suggestions welcome)

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    Hey everyone, I've spent a few days trying to nail down the best way I feel to play this game (dolphin/Ishiiruka or Cemu, what post processing effects, etc) and landed on Cemu with latest graphics packs.

    Spent a long time tinkering with everything before getting here, and after FINALLY sitting down to actually play the game, the minute I get Epona and use her (boost? idk quite what to call it, y'know you hit A and she goes faster) there was supposed to have been some bloom or blur effect originally, but with my particular choice in graphics packs enabled, it looks quite insane. Really killing the experience.

    it's because I'm using the "Skyward Swordish" preset with Contrasty. Anybody have any advice for how I'd start to go about fixing this - I understand that the effect used when you boost with Epona is just blurring the colors that are already on the screen, and the Contrasty effect I'm using is punching the colors way way up so it's a sort of a catch 22 - it kinda seems like it's maybe not a problem I'm going to be able to solve with my level of expertise. You might think I'm being neurotic about nothing, and you would be right.

    Still would be really super cool if anyone had any hot ideas though. I'd even settle for a hacky answer, like, having a separate and duplicate A button on my controller, reserved for boosting with Epona, which registers an A press but also toggles Contrasty off for a split second, or something, if something like that is possible. Thanks guys.

    Screenshot of riding normally: [​IMG] Screenshot of the boost effect: [​IMG]
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