Where to go first?

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    Lali ho!

    Just for shits and giggles I've been googling prices of flights from my local airport to various spots around the world. The results are quite nice. About hald the price I was expecting. Example, I can fly from Birmingham airport (not my local but close enough to be no bother) to Tokyo for about £550 return. That's about two months of what I have left of my wages once the bills are paid. A fairly major chunk of cash but nothing I couldn't part with. I'd only spend it on cheese or DVD's anyway. So why not get out and see the world while I'm still young. Well, young-ish. I'm 23 now. Getting on a bit. I've not had a proper holiday for 8 years, and that was pretty much a disaster anyway. Went on holiday to Malta with my mother, who was going through divorce at the time so she wasn't exactly much fun. The best time I had in Malta was when I ditched her, took my half of the spending money and fucked off on an adventure on my own for three days. Ending up on a secluded beach on the other side of the island, with a private bar and a young lady to keep me company. Good times. But I digress.

    So anyway, I'm looking to go on a proper holiday with my ill-gotten gains, once I've replaced my passport of course, which expired shortly after I got back from Malta [​IMG] But the dilema is this. With the whole world at my fingertips, where does one go first? Here's a short list of places that I have interest in:

    - Tokyo, or Shibuya to be precise. My best friend Amelia went on a business trip there recently and had a blast, everyone was wearing all sorts of messed up outfits and they didn't care what anyone thought of them. I'd like to see that sort of expressive freedom. Not to mention experience the wacky technology, the ancient ruins with the Triforce symbol in them (saw it in a magazine years ago, want to see if it does anything if I play the Song of Time close by [​IMG]), etc.

    - New Zealand. Anyone who follows my blogs knows that there's a young lady in New Zealand who means a lot to me. More than I ever actually got a chance to say, in fact. It'd be nice to see her one last time and settle the score, you know? Besides, this presents a cheap option as if I'm crashing with her for a week I don't have to fork out for a hotel [​IMG]

    - California. After hearing the fucking Red Hot Chilli Peppers and various other exercises in lyrical pointlessness bleating on about how great it is for the last few years, I'm determined to go take photos of it to show it's not all that and post them to their fanmail, with a caption reading simply 'shut the fuck up now'.

    - Canada. My friend Faith lives there. She's hot. 'Nuff said. But if that's not good enough, I'm also curious to see the scenery. Canada has forests. Green things. If anything green crops up in this city the chavs try to smoke it. It was a sad sight when Kermit the Frog came to town.

    - Thailand. Again, Amelia's been there, and said the ancient culture there was truly fascinating. Besides, it'd be a nice change of pace from the dirty polluted smeg hole that is Coventry.

    I'm also open to suggestions, with the exceptions of Germany (not different enough), France (too french) anywhere 'touristy' like Ibiza, and the desert. So where do I make a start on my journey of discovery?

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    I would say that since you're traveling for a vacation, you should stay away from places that have nice female friends because you never know what kind of emotional turmoil it may beget potentially ruining a nice vacation that's supposed to be relaxing and fun. But then again, it may end up being better than just seeing random tourist attractions. I guess it depends on what you're willing to risk?

    I would say Thailand or Japan.

    Thailand's great! They have a unique type of noodle dishes I've never had anywhere else. They were a little spicy for my taste, but they were good none-the-less. I also was able to ride an elephant when I went there! It's truly a unique experience. Oh, and I also saw elephants literally paint pictures by holding a paintbrush in their trunks. It was remarkable. Just be prepared for every guy you meet to tell you, "Swat the crap!" while bowing and smiling. xD (lol not really, it just sounds like it)

    I can't really say much about Japan because I've only been in their airport, but their technological advancement is pretty amazing. Since Anime and Manga are really big over there(they all pretty much come from Japan) I can definitely see how "everyone was wearing all sorts of messed up outfits and they didn't care what anyone thought of them." It would be awesome to experience freedom like that. [​IMG] The song of time near the ruins? lol [​IMG]

    Why would you pay a lot of money to visit a place solely to prove people wrong? O_O *throws California trip away as a waste of money*

    eh, that's what I think anyway. Wherever you end up going, have a great time!
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    Oct 31, 2010
    take the secret portal to the land of candy its free to be honest u could go australia first then find a cheap boat to new zealand
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    Australia and NZ rock
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    I'd go with Japan. Just walking around Tokyo is an amazing experience. Spend a few nights there and take in the sights of night and day. People usually wear business clothing on weekdays, but Japan's pop culture really shows in Tokyo on the weekend, so keep an eye out for that.
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    Some of your travel locations seem to be... a bit shallow.

    Try going somewhere serene. Tokyo can get very loud and confusing.
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    That's the whole point of Tokyo. [​IMG] That massive web known as the subway system will confuse the shit out of you at first, especially when you find out they're running on two major companies that own the major lines, plus multiple smaller companies. If I remember correctly, there isn't a real 'all-access' ticket sort of thing for all the lines at once, you have to buy transfer tickets or separate tickets for every different company's lines.
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    California is a lot nicer than you apparently think.