Where to get original Wii/backwards compatible Wii.

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    I got a couple choices when it comes to getting one of those. I tend to hate buying anything used since at least buying a new console, I know the wear placed on it. Simply put I just hate used things. Question is whether it is worth spending the extra money to get a new one given that the system was discontinued two years ago.

    The cheapest Wii in new condition I could find was around $230.

    I can buy refurbished Wii at my local gamestop for $50 each. Again, not a great choice and I doubt those even bring controllers but they are dirt cheap too. Not going to be placing a lot of wear on them.

    Third choice, I can buy those new $130 bundles with the non bc Wiis and try to get a friend to trade me his relatively unused Wii for a brand new console. Just the Wii and cables since he doesn't care about playing gamecube games, just Wii games and Online play.

    Anyone ever tried those gamestop refurbished systems? Wii or otherwise? Also, which seems to be the best choice?
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    Dude, buy the refurbished one. Anything that goes wrong with it is easily and cheaply replaced. DVD laser goes bad? New laser, probably $10. Drive goes bad? New drive is about $25 last I saw. BT module and Wifi module are also both <$10.

    I have not personally used a gamestop refurbished one, though I refurbish game consoles for my own use. The people I know who do use gamestop ones rarely have issues.

    Edit - the gamestop one ought to have a warranty on it too for some period of time just in case anything does go wrong.
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    When I bought a used Wii from Gamestop the warranty was 30 days. I think you can pay extra to extend it, though if it's only 50 bucks to start, I don't know that I'd bother, just stress test the hell out of the thing before the 30 days are up.

    Mine's fine, though it was just used, not a refurb.
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    Sep 19, 2013
    dear demisescythe, i have a funny story to tell you, once i bought an used nintendo ds lite it had no box and some scratches from my country ebay counterpart... i was so scared of getting an used one and could be a lot damaged.. to keep the story short, the ds come perfect.. i didnt get the pleasure of the smell or opening the box and read the manuals, but the console was working with no problem

    then about 1-2 months later i decided to buy a 3ds xl i searched on that website but decided the get a new one from a store. after 20 days the new 3ds's touchscreen didnt recognized the touch, i send the 3ds to warranty on the store and the console come worse than i send it, after 2 months struggling with the store, they decided to give me money back....

    after this experience i can tell you, used stuff usually are like veterans and really good as new