Where is the update threat from nintendo? How can I avoid it?

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    So I am not ready to try and mods on my wii U yet because frankly I just don't understand any of them very well yet, but I wanted to ask you what I can do to prevent nintendo from updating my wii U and thus preventing me from doing any mods in the future.

    Like, I just got this thing and sometimes it does not even like give me a choice, it says "updating..." Or it won't let me play a game w/o updating it when I first get it. I am just not sure what the hell is being updated and I don't want to ruin any future modding!

    So yeah, anyone know what I can do?
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    hit the home menu
    hit download management
    hit "pause downloads"
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    Pausing download is only effective temporarily, for the next played game.
    When you exit the game, it resumes automatically.
    This option is there to prevent lagging in networked based games for example, by stopping the background download.

    For games:
    If it says "updating", it means that it already downloaded it and it's applying it.
    If you don't want the game to check for updates and prevent the download to start, use a proxy and enable online only once in the game. If you have online enabled when launching the game it will look for available updates on their update servers. Without applying the patches, you will probably can't play online, so enabling the proxy after launching the game has no purpose.

    For the console:
    You can't prevent the console to update, unless you keep it offline. (or block NUS servers/update checking servers/etc.)
    But new games will require you to update your system (like on Wii and 3DS, they will probably have the updates on the game's disc/cartridge)
    Without applying that update, you can't play new games, unless you wait very long time without playing for a possible hack of the WiiU mode, hoping that there's a way to launch retail games without applying updates (don't put too many hopes in that).