where do i find xmenu.dat for ds fire card on this site

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  1. shenmon

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    Mar 20, 2009
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    HI, my ds fire card will not let me delete the game files and i have found another discussion on this site that says to download the new version of the xmenu.dat, i have looked under the download tab of this site but cant seem to find it for ds fire card, can some please give me the link for this, and once i have downloaded it how exactly to i replace it on the fire card? do i just drag and drop it and delete the old one? also i have no idea what version i am running as i dont know where to find that information on the cartridge, thanks heaps and hope someone can help me cheers.....
  2. thesaint08

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    Mar 28, 2008
    I did my cousins at the weekend, and I used this download.


    It is unlike anything I have done before, as I am used to carts with Micro SD's.

    Just save the xmenu.dat to your computer, and then replace it and see if it works.
    Hope this isn't too late, and helps you a little.