Where do I begin and what do I need? (O3DS on 8.x.x)

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    For the past few days, I have been doing nothing but researching on what exactly it is I need to do to get my 3DS to play ROM backups. I have an original 3DS on 8.x firmware and I have a Sky3DS (for my fiances O3DSXL on 9.8) coming this week.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong but from what I've researched, this is what I've found out:

    I can install rxTools (The signature patched version) without having to have a Gateway card using the browser exploit but this wouldn't allow me to load an .CIAs as I need a .CIA installer. In order to install a .CIA installer, I need to have a Gateway card. I have also read that, with the .CIAs, you can't play any games that were created for higher firmware than 7.x, as they are encrypted, only the Gateway or Sky3DS can.

    Is all this true? I've been a bit overwhelmed with all the information available, especially since things seem to have sparked over the past few days and new stuff has been released.
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    honestly, id buy a gateway > backup your sysnand and store it safe > downgrade your firmware to 4.x > install the blue ds cart exploit to access gateways menu (my preference) > create a emunand > update the emunand to 9.8 firmware while leaving your sysnand at 4.x > play any rom or install and cia with region free access > profit $
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    You can install CIAs using your incoming sky3ds by putting cubic ninja on it, then running FBI through ninjhax. You can't run ninjhax through rxtools i think so what you can do is:

    Set up PASTA using ninjhax, and run FBI to install a cia of FBI/devmenu/BigBlueMenu or all of them if you want, then follow this tutorial to switch to rxtools. then you should end up with an emunand that has a CIA installer from the get-go

    EDIT: Basically what coolfuze said above lol, BUT you don't have to downgrade, just launch PASTA cfw through your sky3ds

    and this is not true, don't worry
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