1. AdiPlayZ

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    Aug 5, 2018
    Hi guys i just wondering where can i find a modbo 5.0 modchip in malaysia?? I have a Super e 17 in my PS2 slim scph 90006 and i want to change to a modbo 5.0 because the super e 17 has have some unsoder contact (That explain why my ps2 can play 1 burned game), i broke the ribbon spinning thing that move the laser up and down and the modbo can boot games at the hard disk and thumb drive.I have find 2 modbo 5.0 in Shopee (The second largest malaysia online shopping website the first largest malaysia online shopping website is Lazada)but i don't have a debit card(I am 13 years old).But Lazada is different Lazada has a option that you can paid your checkout using 7-eleven.Cool right??But Lazada doesn't have a modbo 5.0.So Where can i find a modbo 5.0 in malaysia???
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