where can i download wii firmware 3.3?

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by slickric33, Nov 25, 2008.

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    or should i , i am at 3.2 u but i believe some backups wont play w/out3.3 and i dont want to update to 3.4. should i stay at 3.2 or will i not be able to play newer games. someone pls tell me negatives of 3.3 or are there any , and can i download it
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    stay on 3.2 you "madman"
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    Use the Animal Crossing update (IOS was, available on a demonic tracker) to update your Wii to play games needed if you have a modchip that doesn't have Update Blocking.

    If your using a Backup Loader, then you don't have to worry about updating.

    Also, if you REALLY want to go to 3.3, use the Custom IOS Downgrader. Yes, I know 3.3 is an upgrade to you, but it'll work.

    3.2 = best

    Don't leave it... just stick with it till cSM comes out... don't ask what it is, search for it