Where can I buy some good replacement analog sticks for the Vita Slim?

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  1. vladone97

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    Oct 16, 2016
    Long story short, I ve bought a few replacement sticks on Amazon before and I got scammed. They all had some kind of drift or offset. Can anyone recommend me a reliable seller on eBay or Amazon? Is it even possible to get replacement sticks that work perfectly, just like the ones on a new Vita?

    Update: I came across these https://www.ebay.com/itm/Original-L...Pad-Stick-for-PS-Vita-2000-2001-/192161010610 I know they're way more expensive than many others, but I'm willing to pay the big bucks if that means I'll finally have perfectly functional sticks on my Vita again. However, the seller claims they're original AND brand new, and I'm not sure if I believe it or not. In order for that to be true, they would've had to buy them from the original manufacturer or they'd have to be the original manufacturer. I don't know. In your experience, does the "you get what you pay for" principle apply to replacement Vita sticks?
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    Often you get what you pay for.
    I'd check to see what their return policy is, in general I look for OEM parts.
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    I ordered replacements from ifixit. I haven't had an issue, but they are $20 a piece.
    They are used, but OEM.