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    Jul 19, 2020
    Hello to everyone reading this post, im probably not the first with this problem, probably not will be the last, but i exhausted my options regarding a solution.

    So basically i have the problem it says in the title and i will try to give as much information as possible to make it easier, long story short i found my old 3ds, updated it to the current version as of 19/07/2020 (11.13.0-45U) and via seedminer i installed everything i needed to use homebrew, went to install twilight ++ so i can play tetris ds, i updated it just like its guide tells me to do and when trying to enter the app, it flashes a white screen for like a split second, and goes to the sleep menu, the one where it tells you to either press the home button or turn off the system.
    I went and grabbed my copy of The world ends with you, put it in, the 3ds recognizes it as a ds cart, try to play and the same white screen flash happens and back to the sleep menu.

    I figured out it was a problem probably with seedminer and boot9strap or godmode9 or something, ended up in the troubleshooting guide and there tells me of a .3dsx file to use with the homebrew launcher, then after using it, updating the system so it downloads what the .3dsx deleted and with that it should work, sadly it didn't.

    i ended up in discord asking for help but no one was able to give me an answer and ended up here looking up way to much threads that i can not post yet as a reference due to being a new member, but some of them where called:
    -DSi / DS functionality is still broken after following the throubleshooting guide - from 2018
    -My DS mode is still broken - from 2019

    where they listed a lot of ways to fix it, and none of them seemed to work, i tested the Sdcard with h2testw, deleted files with FBI, re installed 5 .CIA files but didn't work also, everything from that post i almost tried except CTRTransfer since on another post, some people said it didn't do anything since it wasn't related to the problem.

    Im not sure how much info is useful in everything i said, i hope some is, if not im glad to give more information about this problem until we can find a solution.

    Im really sorry for any gramatical errors and or misspelings, and Thanks for reading.
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