When are we going to get Haxchi for Free?

Discussion in 'Wii U - Hacking & Backup Loaders' started by AkitoTheHedgy, Apr 6, 2019.

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    Then I guess it’s subjective, since I don’t see it that way. :)
    Well, anyway, good talk. I apologize if anything came across as offensive. I trust you know me well enough to know that was never the intention. :)
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    If you can't shell out 7 bucks for an exploitable DS game, then frankly you shouldn't even be allowed to own a bank account.
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    Bite the bullet . Buy the game stop being a cheap ass CBHC works great! & is only dangerous if you are a full on retard...!
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    Your opinion sucks & please do not use ableist slurs. CHBC is fragile, and user error is only one way to break it. The slightest of file system corruption and you are bricked. Power outage at the wrong time, brick. Bad luck, brick.
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    Hi! New to this. Is there any known methods of keeping Mocha CFW on without turning off the Wii U system? Like say... having the Wii U in standby mode. If I turn it on from that, would my Wii U still be in CFW? And what other things turn off my CFW? Cause I noticed when I injected my Wii/GC games, play them, and go back to my Wii U home menu, it turns off my CFW. It makes me wonder if despite the dangers, outright buying a DS game for Haxchi would be more worth it so it can be more intuitive.
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    I bought a wii u once. I modded it, used it once, it sits now , collecting dust, and now it's basically waiting for a party for some lit af guitar hero customs
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    I don't think people should be upset about paying the 7-8 bucks to run the exploit. Considering what it opens up. As far as a free alternative like you guys are arguing over that's what mocha is for. I have both on mine because I need mocha to launch tcp gecko and other programs, plus always good to have on hand incase I ever run into compatibility issues. If an alternative comes out some day so be it, but I'm happy with what I got now so I'm not complaining.
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    If you cant Buy no EShop yeah sucks but be thankful for Browser SelfHost.

    If you can GO 4 IT! It worth it!
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    I want to know why 1.) Nobody has gotten coldbooting working via a homebrew app installation and 2.) Why can't we restore a NAND backup via soft-mod? We can on the Wii and the Switch, so WTF gives?
  10. CORE

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    Jul 15, 2018
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    No One is working on it , or atleast that I know off.
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    Jan 7, 2019
    As justin bieber says.. NEVER SAY NEVER
  12. Ryccardo

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    1- On both of those consoles (and 3DS; and DS & DSi though that's inherent in how the system works) the program used for flashing runs with the rest of the OS unloaded, so there is nothing (also writing to flash, possibly using cached block locations) to conflict with - I'm not sure on if/how WiiU nand dumpers (and non-Bootmii Wii ones) achieve that, but it's a prerequisite of a good backup and of a good restore

    2- Tangential issue, but downgrading a WiiU also requires changing the kernel version in the eeprom (anti downgrade protection) - I'm not sure of the existence of any code (bonus points for known stability) for doing that in the usual homebrew libraries

    3- Hey it's just a wiiu after all