What's your top 7/8 games from different console generation

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    What's your top 7/8 games from different console generations?.

    1.SplatterHouse 3 [Sega genesis]
    2.Rayman 2 The Great Escape [Nintendo 64]
    3.The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess [Gamecube]
    4.Time Splitters 2 [PlayStation 2 ]
    5.EarthBound [Snes]
    6.Mafia 2 [PlayStation 3]
    7.Marvel vs Capcom [Dreamcast]
    8.Big Race USA [PlayStation 1]
    9.Mortal Kombat Deception [Original Xbox]
    10. Xenoblade Chronicles [Wii]
    Update: You could add more games from different console generations :).
  2. WiiCube_2013

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    1. Super Mario Bros. 3 (Nintendo NES)
    2. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Sega SMD)
    3. Crash Bandicoot (PlayStation)
    4. Conker Live & Reloaded (Original Xbox)
    5. Super Mario 3D World (Nintendo Wii U)
    6. Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom (Nintendo Wii)
    7. Dragon Ball Z: The Legend (Sega Saturn)
    8. Red Dead Redemption (Xbox 360)


    9. Uncharted (PlayStation 3)
    10. Ridge Racer (PlayStation PSP)

    I grew up with platforming and fighting games, but a shooter (I know it's a sandbox game) implemented so well as RDR is worth playing to its full.
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    Jul 11, 2009
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    I forgot
    1. Entire Souls series, Demon's Souls/Dark Souls (and probably Dark Souls 2) (PS3/PC)
    2. Sonic & Knuckles (Genesis)
    3. Crazy Taxi (Dreamcast)
    4. Call of Duty 2 (PC)
    5. Soul Calibur 2 (PS2/GC/Xbox)
    6. Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal (GBC)
    7. LoZ: Minish Cap (GBA)
    8. LoZ: LTTP (SNES)
    9. Spyro Trilogy (PS1)

    EDIT: 10. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (Vita). Despite being a multiplat, there's something about the Vita version that I just love more than PC/PS3/360

    EDIT2: Dragon Warrior 1&2 on the GBC, those games were the tits.

    EDIT3: Foxi reminded me of the Worms games, though just Worms 2/Armageddon/Worms World Party/Worms 3D (I beg you don't cry ;O; )

    Suppose that's all I can think of ATM
  4. BORTZ

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    Dec 2, 2007
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    1. Dragon Warrior Monsters (GBC)
    2. Final Fantasy Tactics (GBA)
    3. Shining Force (GENESIS)
    4. Crash Team Racing (PS1)
    5. Command & Conquer Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge/ Mental Omega 2.0B (PC)
    6. Super Mario 64 (N64)
    7. Pokemon Silver/Soul Silver (GBC/DS)

    These are somewhat newer games that havent yet been put to the test with a second or completion playthrough, or are just too new to be best of all time game for me yet.
    Burnout Revenge (PS2/X360)
    Super Mario Galaxy Series (Wii)
    Final Fantasy 9 (PS1) i know i know its old enough, but ive only played through it once a few years ago on my PSP... in fact its due for another play...
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  5. ilman

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    Jul 25, 2010
    Home consoles:
    1. The Legend of Zelda (NES)
    2. Sonic 3&Knuckles (Mega Drive) - it was supposed to be 1 game, so I'm counting it as one
    3. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (N64)
    4. Jet Set Radio (Dreamcast)
    5. Super Mario Sunshine (Gamecube)
    6. Bioshock Infinite (PC/360/PS3)

    7. Need for Speed Carbon (PSP) - the best racer on the console...
    8. The World Ends with You (NDS) - one of the only things Square Enix have doneright in the past couple of years
    9. Fire Emblem: Awakening (3DS)
  6. Celice

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    Jan 1, 2008
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    Stalker - Shadow of Chernobyl
    Stalker - Call of Pripyat
    Dark Souls
    The Stanley Parable (the original mod; haven't tried the commercial version, and its demo frankly turned me off)
    Fallout 3

    Roughly in order of importance to me--I've been playing videogames for about two decades, and this list only really reflects the past five years. But they are the games I've had the most fun with, which have felt pretty well made, whose mods are amazing where available, and which I can go back and play again and still appreciate it as much as I had the very first time I played.

    Bioshock Infinite would be in the gutter with Mission Impossible on the N64
  7. Foxi4

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    It's the control aspect. I don't know why, but when I play it on the PS3, I can never nail the pre-race boost wheras on the PSVita, I'm perfectly able to do so. I have no idea if it has something to do with input lag or the shape of the triggers but anything involving triggers simply works better on the PSVita for me.

    As for my "Gaemz of All Time" list...
    1. [PC] Fallout 2 (series, although 2 is probably the best game of all time)
    2. [PS1] Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (series, multiplatform, but primarily PlayStation)
    3. [GB/GBC] Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow (series, but Yellow is where I started and I still have a strong sentiment for it)
    4. [GBA] Mario Kart: Super Circuit (series, and this one is easily one of the best Mario Karts in existence)
    5. [DC] Sonic Adventure 2 (series, I like 2 better, and although I originally played the game on the Gamecube, it originates from the Dreamcast so that system gets credit)
    6. [GC] Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes (series, but this one I especially like)
    7. [PSP] Monster Hunter Portable (series, and yeah, yeah, I know it was originally a PS2 game, but there's something about hunting with friends on the go that makes it "better" than the home console variety)
    8. [PS2] Tekken Tag (series, but I'll credit the PS2 one. The sheer amount of hours I sank into playing multiplayer with friends on Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag must be ridiculous, I dread to think about it)
    9. [Sega Saturn] Sonic R (I don't care what anybody else says, I loved this game to bits as a child and it was one of the two discs most desired by all my friends who wanted to borrow games from me, the other being Worms: Armageddon. I had the PC version back then, but it originates from the Saturn and that version is arguably better, so it gets credit. Feel the Sunshine, bi*ches, Sonic is my Diamond in the Sky - no homo ;O; )
    10. [PC] Unreal Tournament (series, and this was a tough one. Between this, Quake 2 and Counter Strike, I choose Unreal Tournament as the one that had the most entertainment value - I played it on Multi to no end and loved every bit of it)
    I tried to encompass as many systems as I possibly could on the list and avoid contemporary systems, but "10" is really not an amount I can narrow down to with a clean conscience - I'm missing vital titles like Worms Armageddon, Ace Attorney, MDK, Quake II, Half-Life or Metroid Prime, there are so many games that I hold dear that making a "Top 10" is a nigh impossible task for me. I think that picking a "Top 100" would be an equally difficult task.
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  8. Arras

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    Sep 14, 2010
    The demo is linear but the commercial version is just like the mod, just with a LOT more content and endings and it looks a million times better. AFAIK all content of the mod is in the commercial version as well.

    Mine... Other than a few I really don't know.
    1. Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective - game of the year every year.
    2. quite possible Osu!
    3. Super Mario Galaxy. Anything below that, I really don't know.
  9. DinohScene

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    Oct 11, 2011
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    Sheep GBA
    Ni No Kuni PS3
    Blue Dragon 360
    Eternal Sonata 360/PS3
    Bioshock Infinite 360/PS3/PC
    Super Mario Galaxy 2
    Minecraft PC
    Hamtaro Ham Ham rescue GBA

    In no particular order.
    Idk, I just dun have a fav game lol
  10. Black-Ice

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    Oct 31, 2011
    [360] Ninja Gaiden 2
    [3DS] Phoenix Wright Ace attorney: Dual Destinies
    [PC] League of Legends
    [DS] Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring Of Fates
    [PSP] Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection
    [PS1] Tekken 3
    [PS2] Soul Calibur III
    [GBA] Pokemon Emerald
  11. Crusylicious

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    Dec 1, 2011
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    NES: Super Mario Bros 3
    SNES: Final Fantasy III/VI
    Genesis: Shining Force 2 (Landstalker comes close though)
    PS1: Final Fantasy IX
    N64: Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time
    GBC: Pokemon Crystal
    PSP: Final Fantasy Dissidia
    GBA: Legend of Zelda - Minish Cap

    1 Extra - PS2: Dragon Quest VIII
    Current game I am really enjoying - PC: Civilization V

    Though I've enjoyed many games on newer consoles, aside from a few Wii games I haven't really found anything I truly loved. I've not played anything on PS4, XBone, Wii U, 3DS, nor PSVita.
  12. Gahars

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    Aug 5, 2011
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    Gahars' In No Way Definitive, Yet Still Definitely Better Than Yours, List From The Top of His Head

    Timesplitters 2/Future Perfect
    Portal/Portal 2
    Soul Calibur III
    Spec Ops: The Line
    Jak & Daxter/Jak II/Jak III
    Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal
    Metroid: Zero Mission
    Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (because fuck you, that's why)
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  13. Dork

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    You have very good taste.
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  14. Nah3DS

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    Feb 9, 2010
    My top games for each console:

    [GB] Pokemon Red
    [GBC] Pokemon Silver
    [GBA] Golden Sun
    [NDS] Mega Man Zero Collection

    [NES] Rockman 5
    [SNES] Zelda - A Link to the Past
    [N64] Majora's Mask
    [GameCube] Ikaruga
    [Wii] Sin & Punishment 2

    [Mega Drive] Streets of Rage 2 / Sonic 3 / Gunstar Heroes (this is the hardest one to choose from)
    [Sega CD] Silpheed
    [Saturn] Radiant Silvergun
    [Dreamcast] Shenmue 2

    [TurboGrafx 16] Castlevania - Rondo of Blood
    [Neo Geo AES] King of Fighters 98
    [PS] Tales of Phantasia
    [PS2] Valkyrie Profile 2

    [Arcade] Street Fighter 2
    [PC] The Curse of Monkey Island
  15. Master Mo

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    Since I think it`s such a cool idea I just thought about all consoles and wrote them down... Might as well post them up:


    [MS] Wonderboy in Monster Land
    [NES] Super Mario Bros. 3
    [SNES] Zelda: A Link to the Past
    [Gen] Sonic 3 & Knuckles
    [Saturn] Panzer Dragoon Saga
    [PS1] Castlevania SotN
    [N64] Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    [DC] Shenmue 1&2
    [PS2] Final Fantasy X
    [NGC] Metroid Prime
    [XBOX] Knights of the Old Republic (it would be Shenmue 2 but I prefer the DC version)
    [Wii] Super Mario Galaxy (or 2... they are both soooo good!)
    [X360] Mass Effect 1
    [PS3] The Last of Us


    [GBoy] Zelda: Links Awakening
    [GGear] Sonic Triple Trouble
    [GBA] Castlevania AoS
    [NDS] Castlevania DoS
    [PSP] Crises Core FF
    [3DS] SM3DLand
    [VITA] Tearaway

    EDIT of Handhelds.
  16. Taleweaver

    Taleweaver Storywriter

    Dec 23, 2009
    [Gameboy] Kirby's pinball land / gargoyle's quest / Mystic quest / Wario Land / Zelda: Link's awakening
    [gameboy color] Zelda: oracle of Ages & seasons (I can't decide. also: I barely ever played another game on the GBC)
    [NES] double dragon II (local "co-op" was so fun it was hilarious) / Ski or die (just watching others play was...awesomeage)
    [sega master system II] Alex kid (honestly: I think it's the only game I've played)
    [SNES] final fight 3 (best beat 'em up on the system) / Super Mario world / tetris attack
    [PSX] Abe's oddyssey (also kind of the only game I've played...and even then, played it mostly on PC)
    [gamecube] F-zero GX / Zelda: 4 swords
    [arcade] Simpsons / Turtles / X-men
    [PSP] Puzzle quest (I just can't get into 3D adventures on a mobile device)
    [DS] 999 (admittedly: one of the few things I actually played)
    [wii] Sin & punishment / Rayman origins / newer SMBW
    [PC] Secret of monkey island, stunts, doom 1 & 2, Unreal, Unreal tournament, UT2004, solsuite, fallout 3, starcraft 2

    I'm certainly missing some gems, but in systems, this should be pretty much it. :)
  17. sion_zaphod

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    Sep 4, 2011
    1. [PSX] Final Fantasy VII
    2. [N64] Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time
    3. [PSX] Final FAntasy VIII
    4. [SNES] Super Mario World / [NDS] New Super Mario Bros..
    5. [PS2] Shadow of the Colossus
    6. [NGC] Eternal Darkness - Sanity's Requiem
    7. [PSX / Dreamcast / PS2 / XBOX] All games in legacy of Kain series (Blood Omen , Soul Reaver etc.)
    8. [NGC] Mario Kart Double Dash
  18. ßleck

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    Jun 4, 2013
    I don't know. Help.
    I've left out some pretty good games to make the list shorter and have a variety of different consoles represented... Oh well, my list of games in no particular order:

    [SNES] -Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
    [PC] -Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2
    [GBA] -Medabots RPG - Metabee version
    [GBC] -Pokémon Red Version
    [PC] -Unreal Tournament '99
    [PS2] -Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
    [PS2] -Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex
    [GCN] -Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
    [Wii] -The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
    [PS2] -Jak II: Renegade
  19. Gahars

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    Aug 5, 2011
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    Damn, I forgot to make room for Spider-Man 2/Ultimate Spider-Man and Batman: Arkham City. I'd say they're the definitive superhero games, and capture the essence of the characters pretty well.

    So I guess my list of 7-8 is now at 9 because fuck your rules, you don't own me, man.
  20. kristianity77

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    Jul 10, 2003
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    I'll just list my fave games from each platform I've owned

    Sega Master System - Wonderboy The Dragons Trap
    Sega Megadrive - Castle Of Illusion
    SNES - Secret Of Mana
    GBA - Aria Of Sorrow
    N64 - Ocarina Of Time
    PS1 - Chrono Cross
    Gamecube - Starfox Adventures
    PS2 - ICO
    Xbox 360 - Dark Souls
    PS3 - Uncharted 2
    Wii - Super Mario Galaxy 2
    Nintendo DS - Castlevania Dawn Of Sorrow
    PSP - Gurumin
    PS Vita - Everybodys Golf