What's your next Wii game purchase?

Discussion in 'Wii - Console and Game Discussions' started by Opium, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. Opium

    Opium PogoShell it to me ™

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    Dec 22, 2002
    What's the next game you're going to buy for the Wii? It seems like things have slown down a lot since the Wii launched. I haven't been playing my Wii as much as I thought I would, generally down to the fact that Zelda and Wii Sports are the only really remarkable games that I keep coming back to.

    Well anyway I'm thinking my next purchase will be Excitetruck on 22nd Feb, I'm going to skip Wario Ware.

    How about you?
  2. Bowser128

    Bowser128 King Koopa

    May 26, 2006
    I ordered Wii Play a couple of days ago for the 'free' remote, after that arrives the next game I'll probably buy is Excite Truck (comes out here mid-February, not sure on exact dates). I haven't stopped using the Wii remote yet though, whether for Zelda, Wii Sports or Red Steel on the Wii, or for Black & White and various FPSs (sp?) on my computer.
  3. greyhound

    greyhound GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Sep 4, 2006
    Excitetruck for me too, i think it's out on the 16th here.
  4. Hitto

    Hitto MKDS Tournament Winner

    Nov 29, 2005
    Nice, France
    You definitely should give Warioware a try, but if you don't like mini-games, it's pretty understandable if you aren't interested.

    Excitetruck for me, as well. Or if "And the cocks" is released before. Whatever, I want both!
  5. Zendrik

    Zendrik GBAtemp Fan

    Oct 26, 2002
    United States
    Kissimmee, FL
    I own Zelda, Wii Sports, DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 2, ExciteTruck, and Call of Duty 3. Wii Sports lasts but now that I have "real" games it never gets played. I just unlocked every character in DBZ and I must say, I love it. I took me 2 weeks to play through Story Mode. Thats not bad for a fighter(and the combat is pretty deep with the wiimote). Now I am working on getting S on every ExciteTruck race. CoD is getting put off until after ExciteTruck. Zelda is probably gonna be the last. Im pretty far in it but the other games steal my attention somehow. The only other game I want is Red Steel but I need to finish some first. Marvel Ultimate Alliance has some promise but I played 50% through on PC. Other than that, I have a game pass at Blockbuster and I have rented every other game and none of them have impressed me at all except Rayman. But my friends dont embrace the Wii as much as I would like(until SSBB come out anyways) so mini game games are not high on my list.
  6. Sick Wario

    Sick Wario Club Nintendo

    Jul 24, 2006
    NNID: godrugal
    i just got north warioware (NA) from canada. I love darts and I had a chance to play some 12 PLAYER last night! of course everbody loves crazy wario shit. if nothing else it is another way to get the girls bouncing around [​IMG] [​IMG]

    my next game will be wii play in feb likewise for the free wiimote to make 4
    sonic coming soon looks cool as well
  7. lenselijer

    lenselijer GBAtemp Advanced Maniac

    Mar 27, 2006
    i would like to get trauma center, but its not yet released here [​IMG]

    Or is excite truck more fun? Or maybe DBZ?

    I got red steel, wii play and wario ware now.
  8. TheStump

    TheStump Got Wood?

    May 8, 2006
    LOL prolly Mario Galaxy. Or Metroid. IM waiting for the second batch of quality Nintendo Releases, SO far none of the third party support has caught my eye, though IGN informs me that there on some third party developers soon for the wii that un gunna have sweet game...i hope
  9. ConraDargo

    ConraDargo Flashback Fanatic

    Dec 29, 2003
    I'm not planning on getting anything until Metroid Prime 3 comes out. I only purchased Zelda because Metroid was pushed back [​IMG]

    Seriously, I'm only interested in three titles for now: Metroid Prime 3, Animal Crossing Wii and Sims Wii.
  10. azndragonguy115

    azndragonguy115 GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Nov 24, 2005
    United States
    i was suppose to get warioware LAST week but im broke

    I HAVE to get wii play though
  11. sdoc96

    sdoc96 Creaky Old Stiff Member

    Jan 10, 2007
    Just got it - good value for $64.99AU but not quite as good as WiiSports.
  12. Jax

    Jax Pip Pip Cheerioink!

    Jul 31, 2006
    Probably DBZ:BT2 (March in EU :'( )
  13. nevixa

    nevixa Advanced Member

    Jan 6, 2007
    wii play gets bored pretty soon, I bought it for the free wii-mote.

    I own COD3, Wii play, Wii sports, Rayman RR and WarioWare. I'm not planning to buy a new game soon, but I'm very interested in Elebits (Eledees).
  14. Elrinth

    Elrinth :Master beyond your imagination:

    Nov 6, 2002
    I will get Mortal Kombat if it's an online title... that is ofcourse IF I can convince a friend to buy the game aswell. [​IMG]

    other than that. Metroid Prime 3, Mario Galaxy. Maybe Super Paper Mario or Disaster depending on how my stash of gold looks. [​IMG]
  15. Veho

    Veho The man who cried "Ni".

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    Apr 4, 2006
    Rayman Raving Rabbids. And then Metroid Prime, when it comes out.
  16. MADKATZ99

    MADKATZ99 GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Dec 9, 2005
    Call of duty is the only game I own, which I really liked... Then I borrowed zelda of a friend, so i have been playing that a bit...

    But the next game would probly have to be excitetruck or metal slug.
  17. Bizmat

    Bizmat Member

    Nov 23, 2005
    United States
    read about mortal kombat wii today on gamespot and ed boon, developer of the mk series said there won't be online play in the game [​IMG]
  18. 5uck3rpunch

    5uck3rpunch Surf Monster!

    Feb 20, 2004
    United States
    Texas - USA
    Wii Play loox great to me!
  19. legendofphil

    legendofphil Phil no Densetsu

    Nov 19, 2002
    The next wii game that I will have in my hand, probably Wii Sports with the console or Wario Ware.
    That I will buy, probably WiiPlay, though I am considering getting a couple of VC games.
  20. skywarp

    skywarp GBAtemp Regular

    Dec 31, 2005
    Trinidad and Tobago
    I won't be buying any games untill Metroid, SSBB, and the other good titles start coming out. You don't have to waste money on crap just because that's all that's being released.