What's your favourite team in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle?

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  1. leafeon34

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    Sep 30, 2014
    I like Mario, Luigi and Rabbid Mario the most, this is the team I used to complete the main game. The team's primary focus is damage output.

    I originally teamed up Mario and Luigi because I thought it would be cool to play the game with the Mario brothers together. As it turned out, they make an amazing team. I wanted to use either Peach or Yoshi instead of Rabbid Mario because I think the Rabbids look ugly. In the latest update the game doesn't let you use both Luigi and Peach on the same team. Yoshi comes in very late game and his weapons are more luck-based than the other units so I never even tried using him.

    Mario's main purpose is support. He raises the attack power of his team members by 70% with M-Power. His other assets are good too, a mid-ranged blaster that does decent damage, a short-ranged hammer with good attack, the Hero Sight and honey combination to stop approaching enemies and good HP. Mario is a jack-of all trades, master of nothing character. Early-mid game his damage output is very good but late game he's superseded by his more specialised teammates, his low movement can also limit him at times.

    Luigi is the Sniper. His attack range is the best in the game and has great damage output. I find Steely Stare better than Hero Sight because of it's great range and combined with ink it disables approaching enemy attacks. His Sentry deals high AOE damage which combined with M-Power can OHKO groups of enemies. Sentry can also support the team by absorbing enemy Hero-Sight attacks. His amazing movement and Itchy-Feet abilities are good assets too, great on reach-area missions. His major downside is his low HP making him a glass-canon.

    Rabbid Mario is a short-ranged unit. He wields a shotgun and hammer for AOE damage. He demolishes groups of enemies with his hammer and Magnet Dance combined with M-Power support from the real him. He makes a decent tank with his high HP and (relatively shitty) Bodyguard ability. His high movement helps him approach and he gets to choose between the amazing stone and vamp Super Effects. Dealing with distant enemies, his options are very limited.
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  2. pedro702

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    Mar 3, 2014
    since you cant swap out mario your stuck with him lol.

    my team was mario, luigi and rabbid peach.

    mario is mandatory
    rabbid peach for healing
    luigi for sniper.
  3. fatsquirrel

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    Nov 11, 2013
    I liked yoshi for his gatling gun :D