1. MicmasH_W

    MicmasH_W Lurking after your old posts from 2019

    Jul 18, 2019
    United States
    Ahh, my username has religious significance and I’m aware that this forum has probably had more than enough horrible religious arguments , so I apologize beforehand and don’t mean to cause any trouble or make anyone uncomfortable because I know religion has been misused as a way to discriminate against other human beings that just need love and support, and not judgement. But here goes.
    So, about two weeks or so before I joined here I had this name going through my head, and I really liked it. But, it sounded too soft because I think the name going through my mind was Mishmash, and it didn’t sound quite right to me. So I changed it to Micmash. Then I decided, you know what I’m going to hack my Wii- and I was scared by all the internet tutorials so I decided to make an account here, and I joined as MicmasH_Wii which later got shortened.
    Well, I joined at just the right time because my life started getting much harder and my depression got worse as life stuff was happening. A long time after I joined I decided to look up Micmash and as it turns out, it’s a town in the Bible and both instances in which it was mentioned, people had to rely on God through impossible circumstances, and through trusting in him, they got through it. That really resonates with me because everything seems hopeless sometimes and it all hurts , so it was a nice little coincidence and a religious reminder to me.
    Most people think it’s Mic as in the microphone but I pronounce it Mic as in Mick Gordon or something like that :P
    And no the H isn’t silent , it’s just capitalized because .... y’know, DooM
  2. PayotCraft

    PayotCraft Member

    Dec 2, 2020
    Well I played Minecraft a lot and uhh it might be cool if I use my last name then "Craft". And that's why I got my username.
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