What's the point of Emunand on sx os 2.0?

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  1. SirGray

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    Jan 16, 2012
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    Is the Emunand for offline only? and then you play legit games on the sysnand and you wont get banned?

    If I never plan on getting a sub or going online is there any point in making a Emunand?
  2. Myron49485

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    Aug 23, 2015
    SX emunand can be used for (only one or the other):

    1. Keeping your sysnand on a low fw, and using latest fw with emunand.
    - No going online.
    - No need autorcm to prevent burning of fuses since sysnand is on original fw. (You can boot to ofw without sending a payload, shut down normally from horizon, etc).

    2. Going online with sysnand, staying offline with emunand.
    - Not impossible for Nintendo to detect since emunand is stored in the user partition.
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    To say that they were first. It doesn't seem very useful to me until they figure out how to have an emunand on the SD card.
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