What's the major difference between this and the R

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    The R4 seems to be a lot cheaper and I just made my purchase today for the DS Xtreme since it sounds so easy to use with the drag and drop capability. My question is are these cards pretty much the same with a big price difference? I just started reading about all of this today so excuse me for not reading the R4 reviews in depth. I'm not even sure what slot 1 and 2 referes to. Thanks everyone.
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    Slot 1 is the Slot of the DS which accepts DS Game cards (aka game paks from the good ol' GameBoy) and Slot 2 is the slot of the DS which accepts GBA GameCards/Paks.
    Well, the R4 looks like a nice card, with (maybe) 100% combatibility.
    From the review comparison, both cards are awesome [​IMG]
    R4 got 9 and DS-X got 9.5, and if the DS-X Team achieves 100% Combatibility, oh hail, one step closer to 10.