What's the disadvantage of D2SUN (other than update)

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    Apr 18, 2008
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    New to this so please forgive my ignorance.

    Various modchip sellers typically offer D2SUN 1.53 $10-20 cheaper than other chips. Why is that?

    It seems to me that it is actually better than many others -- it is switch-set, so there is no issue of different soldering if a clip is used; it also has an on/off witch.

    I know D2SUN 1.53 cannot be updated by the customer. But realistically, now that the last update of the chip has been a while, i.e. it is "stablized", is there a real need to update? What has been the update history of the other DVD upgradable chips (after they've stablized)?

    If there are differences in functionality/quality/etc., what are they?

    I'm asking because I just got a Wii (US/NTSC) and am looking to get a modchip. I don' t know the drive chip, and don't have a screwdriver to open it yet; although I could use the "database" which tells me "50% ... ", it seems that the switch-based D2SUN is the safest bet.

    My plan with the modchip consists of (1) run homebrews; and (2) back up the discs I actually own (via SD) and play them. Would D2SUN be good enough for these two tasks? I will not play games from different regions, and in the worst case if somehow I can no longer play the backups due to some Wii update (is this possible?), I'll just turn the chip off and play the original...

    So do I have a reason to choose a different modchip?

    Advices are appreciated.