Whats the best storage device for Wii U with the fastest read/write speed?

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    After the Nintendo Direct from today I wanted to go ahead and download the preload data so that the game runs smooth for me. I had 12GB of data free on the Wii U so I went to download all 4 packs and it comes out to 15.3GB of data total. An external HDD sounds ok but thats an excessive amount of data for someone that only buys games physically and on top of that I wouldnt want to tape an external drive to the system since it formats it and makes it only readable to the system only, its just too big and an unessesary amount of space for something like this. Then I read that SD cards dont work for Wii U mode which is kinda dumb since I dont ever intend on using Wii mode. So that leaves only one viable option and thats a USB drive, would this be the best storage device in terms of read/write speed as well as being compact and not sticking out like a sore thumb? I would just love to own one thats small enough to fit within the front door flap of the Wii U.

    If USB drive is my best option whats the largest the Wii U can support?