whats the best software to auto adjust photos?

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    normally when you take a photo with your digital camera either the colours are off of the exposure isn't right.
    my particular camera's problem is that it gives every photo an orange tinge.
    up till now i've been using microsoft office picture manager to auto adjust each pic one by one.
    is picasa any better at this?
    does anyone know of better software? especially for batch auto adjustment.
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    Photoshop has a Macro function to do batch process.
    Record what you are doing on 1 open picture (doing all in menus, no keyboard shortcut or right-click mouse menu), and reproduce it to all a folder's pictures.

    Record the Macro process :
    • Open your red saturated photo

    • Go to Macro menu :
    Main photoshop menu : Window -> Action

    Create a new Macro :
    • Click on the little arrow on the top right, and select "New action", name it like "Color correction"
    Now it's in a "Record mode"

    Record the process into the Macro
    • Go to photoshop menu : Image -> Adjustments -> and choose "Auto color", or "Auto curve".

    • Go to photoshop menu : File -> save as -> choose a new name and a file format and save your new picture

    • Look at the "Action" menu you openned earlier in step 2, there is a red "record" button, next to it is a "stop" square button, click on it to stop recording all your actions in the Macro.
    (note : You can edit every step manually in opening the action tree)

    • Close your picture (you can now delete it on your hard drive, it was only the model used to record the macro)

    Batch process :
    • Menu File -> Automate -> Batch...

    • "play" group : select your set and macro

    • Source group : Select "Folder" and select your red picture's folders
    Do not check anything else in this group

    • Destination group : Select "Folder" ans select your saved folder
    check "override save as...", and select the renaming folders + "good color" +

    • Click OK and wait for the process to finish, and voilà, you have all your photo in good color in an instant ! [​IMG]

    This is a tuto with "auto color" or "auto curve" but you can always adjust the color/curve manually if you need better control of the color correction.