Whats The Best Course Of Action??

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by lettuce, Aug 2, 2009.

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    Bought my sister (for her son) and myself both a Wii about a good year and 2 years ago, came bought with the WiiKey V1 fitted. Since ive had mine i have always followed this website and only done FW updates when it has been safe to do so (on 4.1 now), but my sister hasnt had any updates done to hers for a good year (think shes still on 3.2E). Now i know her sone (my nephew) has done some wad installation to in back in thedark ages when we didnt know as much about the Wii as we do now. To be fair my sister has played the Wii that much but now wants to start playing it and has asked me to get everything updated, whats the best course of attack to take her, as im not 100% sure what wads have been installed (wrongly or not) so may have some bad tickets floating about, or semi bricked. Can i just used the Wiis on format setting, and use assassda's 'ULTIMATE System Menu 4.1 Guide' on these forums?? Will this completely wipe all bad tickets, wads etc from the Wii??
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    Formatting is not good to do on softmodded Wii's and has more of a chance of bricking you than most homebrew applications do. If you have an old Wii that is on 3.2 then you should be fine just following assassda's guide from where you are. If you are unsure of whether or not the Wii was bought before mid 2008ish or so then skip the two steps about running IOS downgrader and cIOS downgrader. You don't really need to do those steps regardless.

    Also you may need to do the dop-IOS step to install IOS60 before you run the 4.1 updater otherwise it might give you an error. So just swap those two steps.

    Also you might need to swap the cIOS rev10 with cIOS rev14 and have it use IOS36 when installing.