What's that number you dial for it to tell you

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    I KNOW there's a number.......I remember using it years ago. You dial it and an automated voice will tell you the number you're calling from.

    Here's why I ask.

    Our phone line is dead. Our DSL (on the very same line) is still working, but we get no dial tone with any of the phones in the house. We've done all the tests.....and have determined the problem is NOT within the house. Now, a few years back, we had a second line installed, but we didn't keep it active for long and canceled it. But when we hooked a phone up to it just for the heck of it (since this problem started), we got a dial tone. We don't want to use that line if it's not ours (it's supposed to be disconnected).

    So, does anyone know that number you call to get the automated voice telling you the number you're calling from?
  2. Man18

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    TO find out who just called you, you dial *69. Not sure if thats what you mean or if there is a specific number that does it.

    You should be able to dial a cell phone to find out who it is.

    Worst case scenario this temper has a cell that you can call to find out if you want.
  3. juggernaut911

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    (star) 6 9?
  4. AXYPB

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    I tried that once. It didn't do anything for me.
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    Call somebody with caller id or a cell phone
  6. SchuchWun

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    what you are looking for is called the ANI or Automatic Number Identification.