What's my best option? Phat 60GB CECHC03 running most current FW

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    Aug 20, 2015
    I'm sorry to be a total noob about this all, but I'm afraid that's what I am. I've looked up a fair few topics and read the stickies.. I'm aware of most of the options available to me, but I was just wondering what anyone thinks is my best option.

    I have a Phat 60GB CHECHC03 PS3, PS2 backwards compatible etc launch model still going strong. Running most current official firmware. I was wondering what my best option for downgrading is? Ultimately I'd like to be able to play PSX, 2 and 3 games from a hard drive, as well as a few classic emulators if they are available to me. Can anyone recommend which method would be best for me to achieve this, and any guides that could help me on my way?

    Thanks again and sorry for my lack of experience.
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