whats best video converter

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    any suggestion would do.
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    Here are a few replies to such a question on the epizenter.net forum
    The first one was just posted 4 days ago...
    From http://www.epizenter.net/e107_plugins/foru....php?85215.post

    Another idea was to use Gordian Knot or Auto Gordian Knot, and this was the original way I did it.
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    For the record MKV and to a lesser extent OGG are not really suited to conversion especially to AVI: they are usually used as a final container as they can *and frequently do) make use of variable frame rate and codecs/standards not suited to AVI (h264 and AVI do not mix very well for one).

    This being said a copy of AVIsynth and virtual dub can accomplish what you ask.

    You will want to pass the file through avisynth's directshowsource, or you could use a copy of virtualdubmod and the inbuilt AVIsynth support, using this provided you can play it back you should not have a problem (I suggest installing FFDShow's VFW component for use with virtualdub).

    Virtual Dub
    You might want to poke around the virtual dub or doom9 forums for the later "beta"/unstable versions (be warned some of the newer versions are just the old version recompiled against newer libs and so are a veritable minefield of bugs). Freecodecs also has a newer version but it may be the very latest:

    As an aside while some MKV are complex and using fairly exotic stuff a lot are plain MPEG4-ASP aka dixv/xvid and can simply have the streams demuxed and then muxed into the AVI container, the tools to demux can include vdubmod above but it is better (vdubmods MKV support is not so modern and so not terribly great) to use mkvextract which is part of the mkvtoolnix package:

    There are various muxers available (vdub has one) and there are many more with various programs:

    If you plan on using seperate subtitles (i.e. not hard subbed) you will need a tweaked (and often unstable) alternate AVI splitter, divx's recent one being the most well known or to reencode hardsubbing en route with avisynth probably the best route to go here.
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    reilina just a neophyte...

    Feb 11, 2007
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    this info will almost take me a day to study, i really dont know anything about what u guys r saying, but thanks a lot ill start from here.