whats best game collections for NES/GBA/DS?

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    Since we dont have a good Mega Drive emulator and we cant play games like Shinoni/Shadowdancer/Streets of Rage on our handhelds, i was searching and found a sega collection which had outrun and wasnt bad.
    so this came into my mind that what are other good game collections so we can play them on our handheld.
    even packs with good ports from NES or SNES are cool, beside Sega's.

    look what i found http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Vide...me_compilations
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    I think SOR 2 is playable on Jenesis. Although I havent attempted to finish it since the H-scroll pisses me off

    and if you really want to play those games you can play the gamegear versions through DSmasterplus [​IMG]
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    For GBA:

    Konami Arcade Classics
    Activision Anthology
    Atari Anniversary Advance
    Namco Museum (avoid the lame 50th anniversary edition, get the older one)
    Pac-Man Collection
    Midway Arcade

    For DS:

    Retro Atari Classics
    Konami Classics Series Arcade Hits
    (coming soon) Namco Museum