What will the WiiU do well?

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    So, I have seen a lot of disinterest and cynicism for the as of yet unreleased and generally unexperienced WiiU. I can admit: I haven't put hands on it yet. But, BUT, I AM excited about it and think it has loads of potential, which is why I started this thread. I think it will be interesting to see what either excited fanboys or skeptical cynics think or at least hope that the WiiU will do. So, to that end, I'll start.

    This is a genre that is relatively under-represented on consoles and with good reason: the controls. Heck, I think the DS has done better with this genre than any console. The WiiU can and will change that. Using the touchscreen on the tablet to control and build will be a massive improvement to what can be done in this genre on this medium.

    This one is more than obvious I say. But I something I would love to see would be an SRPG made to use exclusively the tablet. I think this would make for a great to control SRPG.

    Single-Player Gaming
    Many people seem to think that the idea of supporting single-player gaming or focusing on it or catering specifically to it is wrong or ridiculous. I disagree. I think having the tablet could make for some much better, much more personal and intimate (in the adult sense of the word, ie REALLY CLOSE without any sexual connotation) experience, and what's wrong with that?

    So, that's what I think. Please feel free to share your ideas or wants for the system and why you think analysts (and apparently Nintendo's investors) are wrong and the WiiU will do well.
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    I think we all have to give it a chance. I would love to see a more serious look from nintendo. The wii U looks more like a vtech console than a real gaming system. It's very important for a system to make a good first impression, something the Wii U didn't make. on the other hand, the games make the console. Nintendo put a lot of effort in getting the best third party companies to their new console, and that makes a lot of promises. I hope for a good console!
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    well, it will certainly do the big name third party titles better
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    It will... Spy on you very well if you accept their online privacy and term of service/EULA, etc. [​IMG]
    Nintendo is following Sony moves on the user's personal data acquisition.
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    hopefully better online and have cheat blockers to keep the ocarina FAGS OUT
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    I think it could be great, based on the experience with the gamecube - gba games. Having a private screen can be awesome.

    And local multiplayer could have some interesting new game modes, with the tablet controller player being almost a games master. Imagine a gauntlet/diablo style hack and slash, with normal players cooperating on the tv, with the other player controlling the map and enemies via the tablet.

    I have hope for this console, and the first party titles will be awesome, and un-doable on other platforms. But I imagine the 3rd parties will let us down, as the generally have on the wii. Hopefully it will do worse, and we'll get less shovelware this generation!