What Wii peripherals can be used with Wii U?

Discussion in 'Wii U - Console, Accessories and Hardware' started by CheatingSoi, Apr 19, 2014.

  1. CheatingSoi

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    I found out that you can get a WiiU, just the console on eBay for just over $100. Now obviously you need controls are cables and stuff but can anything from the original Wii be used? Such as the sensor bar or power cord. Can you use a regular Wiimote to turn on and use the system menu? What can't I do with the Gamepad. I don't really want a WiiU that bad but I figured if I could pick one up for that cheap, I might as well. But I'm betting you really need the Gamepad.
  2. ShineStar

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    Jun 25, 2008
    The sensor bar and AV out cable from the Wii will work fine. The power adapter is different I think, but I never tried swapping those so I'm not sure.
    You absolutely require the GamePad for the eShop and the System Settings menu. You also need the gamepad when you boot the system for the first time as it wont let you even start setting up your system without syncing a GamePad (but if the system is used I'm assuming its already been set up).
    Also, some games and apps (like Netflix and NintendoTV) are GamePad controlled only.
    Most other things you can use a WiiRemote to control, like the actual System Menu (press 1 to see the menu on the TV as its set to show the menu on the gamepad when the system turns on)

    Just to add, I wouldnt really consider $100 a deal anyway. Nintendo charges $140 to replace a GamePad last I heard. $100 + $140 = $240.
    I got my deluxe Zelda WiiU for $200 on sale around Christmas time, and that was with a game.
    Even if you dont plan on buying a GamePad down the road, add the cost of buying a power adapter and a game and you havent really saved much by buying the console alone.
  3. blaisedinsd

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    Things you can't do with out the gamepad.

    Initial System setup
    Eshop navigation
    System Settings Navigation
    Any text entry (for passwords or web browsing)

    Some games will not function with out the gamepad at all but it seems more and more will. I am willing to bet Mario Kart 8 and smash will work fine with out a gamepad. Super Mario 3D world works fine with out a gamepad and will only lock you out of some levels that require it.

    If you know someone who can let you borrow there gamepad for system setup you could actually do lots of stuff on the console with no gamepad. I am hopefule software updates will make you need it less and less and I think Nintendo is making a mistake if they don't simply make it optional and offer a budget SKU that doesn't have it. Mario Kart 8 launch would have been the perfect time but it looks like that bundle is set to include the gamepad....I think in the US it's $330 for the Kart bundle. If they did that with out a gamepad they go maybe $220 and include a pro controller and help eliminate some of the confusion and hate for the gamepad that negatively impacts the console.
  4. shinkodachi

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    Dec 31, 2013
    Power adapter won't fit. Sensor bar and AV cables (component goes up to 1080p) are compatible. That's it.

    As has been said most of the essential tasks require the GamePad. I wouldn't recommend getting just the system. On eBay there are complete system bundles with the GamePad selling for just a little over 150 USD. That includes the proper power adapter and HDMI cable. Think twice before "saving" money that could end up costing you more...
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