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    Nov 21, 2005
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    It is generally no great surprise most people around here would be fans of computer game channels, possibly hacking channels and maybe art and other typical computer game nerd stuff. Many of us have other things we don't necessarily share all that often around here though.

    To that end if I casually scanned a few hundred of your posts what might I be surprised to find you watching that such a thing would not indicate? We have several other "unknown video makers you want to share" threads, and if you want to do a specific area then make a thread of your own (if it is something I like I will happily join you in it).

    Also while I said hacking stuff up there if it is an odd area of hacking without much interaction with computer games then by all means share that.

    For instance it is probably no great surprise the last video I watched was John Ward's "Earthing systems, EV charging connection options and open PEN detection devices." with This Old Tony's Scissor lift being not much before that. Woodwork, hacker conferences, cooking channel (who made most of the GBAchef threads?), restoration (though art might be if you were expecting it all to be tools and electronics) and such likely surprise nobody.

    However I find firearms somewhat fascinating (though I am too bone idle to do much more than air rifle and gat gun in the UK these days), seldom talk much about them around here (I would like to think my language is precise enough that someone else already versed with such things would notice) and as such I am going them here
    9 hole reviews
    Military Arms Channel

    Historical martial arts is another thing

    Urban exploration
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