What updates would you like to see created for the

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    May 12, 2007
    ok theres a few minor updates id like to see on the wii there not anything huge but still they bug me alittle. im just wonderign what other updates you guys would like to see in the future

    1: being able to use the gc controller from the wiis startup. unless you play a fair few gc games you wouldnt understand but for me this gets annoying, at the start of turning on the wii you have to press A on the wiimote. Even if the gc controller is connected this cant be used which means getting out wiimotes etc. and then on the wiis main menu you cant even use the gc controlelr to select options from that it all has to be done using the wiimote. its a minor quibble but it gets me going [​IMG]

    2: and this to me is a biggy, No bloody messages can be viewed ingame [​IMG] whats all this about?. theres nothing harder then trying to arrange a match on mario strikers with someone over the messaging service. you send him a message saying start the game now, you start the game wait about 5-10 mins he doesnt appear, you restart the wii go to read the messages only to find one saying (im sorry im going out soon) [​IMG] . Nintendo we need to see messages ingame, which leads me on to my third one

    3: if we have no ingame messages then please atleast greatly consider mic chat online. mario strikers would have been alot better with it and if there concerned about wierdos meeeting kids online atleast make it so only people with friendcodes can mic chat. [​IMG]

    so what do you guys think about these and other suggestions?