What up with that ? Blank Screen of Death Gamecube

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    Hey there,

    What up with that, it will make your day SNL skit, al gore is in it

    I just want a kick in the ass maybe someone can tell me something Im forgetting.

    Gamecube various games, 2 discs with multi loader boot (put 3 games on a dvd ) loads up, I have the menu selection to pick a game, all result in blank screen. However playing around when I ejected the DVD one time, it said, lid is open please put back in, which to me says , so its not really blank screen, its reading loading somehow.

    When trying Super Mario Sunshine, I did get a run, but with Flashing black and white screen, Ive tested 10 games, with much of the blank screen and one with the black and white.

    Ive tried all the neogamma settings (I have Neo gamma 17 or 15, the one were you can play wiiware). I know theres rev 19, and Ive had Burnout working before.
    I have the newest verison of Neogamma, it has worked before. I am now trying to just put 1 image on a disc, if anyone else can think of something let me know

    Yes tried every Neogamma setting, GC (except the MIOS, internet , external) its on MIOS

    Then loaded to menu selection off DVD to try various video modes

    i have all the right iso's, I would consider that I do know what Im doing and hopefully I can get some advice. Ive also read about getting games that are your region, however, still I think Im missing something else

    And heres what Im thinking ..
    Click this video

    Whats up with that

    What up with that, it will make your day SNL skit, al gore is in it