What unsual animals have you eaten?

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    Nov 27, 2013
    DUCK, it's a common thing in asia but not here in italy: it's an extreme rare meat to find, almost no stores sell duck meats.

    meanwhile Frog is easy to find cauz it's part of local cuisine :) here we serve frogs fried.
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    That had me curious actually. Ducks are native to/range over Italy but thinking back through all my Italian cook books* it does seem rather lacking. Did a quick search and most things are Italian inspired sauces with duck in it just like I would chuck any vaguely suitable meat in a sauce if I was so inclined, even from Italian chefs. One thing did mention orange duck being a Medici invention ( https://italiannotes.com/duck-breast-in-orange-sauce/ ) so there is that but that was 1500s and plenty of things went in and out of fashion (rabbit and hare around here being a good example, or perhaps we should note it was around then that tomatoes came over from the Americas, and took even longer to really take off). There is also apparently some Roman stuff https://blog.kathrynmcgowan.com/2010/01/14/duck-and-turnips-by-way-of-ancient-rome/ .
    Wonder when the shift came, sadly I don't know the language remotely well enough to start on that one.

    *not as extensive or backwards looking as the UK, Austrian, French and Scandinavian stuff for reasons I am not entirely sure of but at the same time still somewhat covered.

    Duck around here. Probably not available absolutely everywhere I would otherwise find beef, lamb, pork and chicken but it is certainly nothing I would send out the word of its mere presence to the determined carnivores mailing list, only a good deal or particularly good cut or something. Also again is probably in every Chinese up and down the land, many of the Indians too.
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    Nov 27, 2013
    i have no idea, no stores here at least in North Italy, regularly sell them, duck is only available for book ONLY at butcher's, italian would like chicken rather than duck meats.

    But Anatra ad'arancia, duck with orange, salty duck meat with sweet orange can taste really weird and it can only be found in Reggio Emilia, in some stellar restaurants only.
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    Mar 17, 2010
    I've eaten fish head soup, chicken feet and century egg, I'd say that's pretty unusual as far as foods go but not exactly unusual animals. Not a huge fan of any of the 3, the first two are mostly all bones and skin and I'm not sure why people like them. Century egg isn't bad, it just doesn't taste of much and I think I prefer the taste of normal egg anyway.

    I've eaten crocodile and I may have eaten snake once, don't really remember since I didn't pick the dishes. Singapore has plenty of weird foods. Tried frog legs once but there's not exactly much to them, not much meat and they don't taste of much. Not exactly like chicken like people say, I'd say somewhere between pork and chicken. Crocodile is more like pork texture-wise, with a rather coarse grain, and somewhat tougher, and tastes like I guess more gamey pork.

    I almost had kangaroo meat once but they didn't have any left.
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    Apr 9, 2009
    I had kangaroo and it was some of the worst meat I've ever tasted.
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    Jul 11, 2019
    deer meat :P