What type of encryption/security/key-scrambling measures will the Switch use?

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    Since the other thread is quite old and well over 30 days old, I decided to create a fresh new one in regards to security measures.

    With that aside, as we know from the huge difficulties in finding out the AES encryption used on the Nintendo 3DS in it's early days, we all eventually found that it used Exclusive OR (XOR) gate with it's AES encryption, which was a key scrambling technique.

    But XOR isn't the only type connectivity gate that can be used for key scrambling, there's even more other types too.

    There's one that kinda caught my attention, which is Exclusive NOR (XNOR), which works differently from XOR. More info about it can be read here.

    But many different types of gates can be used for encryption to scramble any encryption key to be used in different ways.

    If the Switch uses a completely different type of encryption (such as Grand Cru or some other encryption that isn't standardised) from the 3DS and any other past consoles, we'll certainly be stepping into a completely unexplored region. And we'll be facing the same dilemma as what we did with the 3DS (which took almost 2 years before we found out that it used XOR as it's key scrambling technique). But if the Switch uses AES, it could be bound to use a different type of key scrambling technique.

    What kind of encryption do you think the Nintendo Switch will have? And what kind of key scrambling technique do you think the Nintendo Switch will have? And what other security measures do you think the Nintendo Switch will have?
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    probably XNOR because the 3ds has xorpads and the switch is more like the 3ds than the wiiu
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    Jan 11, 2016
    .. if is possible to have xnor pad, is gonna be xor pad as well.
    NXOR is literally an extra not gate for XOR.