FileTrip What to use Filetrip for????

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    What do you use your account for?

    what kinda files are we able to host?

    what cant we host?
    (concidering this is a hacking community i really kinda wanted to get a feel for what could be uploaded before i waste my time and bandwidth ya know?)
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    There are three main sides to filetrip as I see it

    1) The original public side

    2) The general use side but still aimed at the public

    3) The private use side

    1) as it said above is what Filetrip started out as (indeed it was a spinoff of the downloads section of this site). Filetrip itself provides sections/categories for 1)- if you are making a tool, document, save collection, homebrew program skin.... for something then it can go up in those. Indeed it is something of a filetrip mission to host all sorts of homebrew projects that are otherwise hosted on blogs, ISP provided webspace and nothing at all so people can get them when the other hosting goes. Several people have used it to host or mirror newer/forked versions of various projects and there are many others that will fill in older versions/releases for projects as well. The sections themselves are more or less categorised into things we tend to deal with around here (emulation, ROM hacking, console/phone hacking, tools to help out with those and the odd bit of general PC stuff). Poke around them and they should give you a rough idea of what gets posted in them.
    Naturally we have to pay attention to copyright here so we discourage posting of things built with official SDKs (which is a lot of original xbox homebrew), full games, selections of games (this does include things like undub patches that take audio that was not in the NA/EU release and dub over it with the original Japanese) and such like.

    2) Treat it as hosting you can use for stuff you might not want to make a full project for on 1). This need not be related to the categories at all- we have no fan fiction section on the main side of things but if you want to host your fan fiction writings then feel free to do so. That said we do have to pay attention to copyright here.

    3) Private hosting - got some things you want to share with friends and just them.

    Alongside this video hosting/sharing got added along the line (and more should be coming at some point) so there is that.
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    If you can't link to it in the forums (ROMs, warez, commercial DVD rips, etc.), don't upload it to filetrip.
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  4. Satangel

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    I use it very often (I have over 30 GB of stuff on it atm, superprivate, only for me) to put back-ups on, or to put series on that I know I'll rewatch later, but are hard to find nowadays on the internet.
    So especially Belgian series, that I downloaded the past 2 years, but have been removed now from the internet. I put them online, on Filetrip, to make sure in 5 years or so, I can easily rewatch them.

    I put some backup documents on it, good cloudstorage, 100GB is sick.
  5. sanoblue

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    Aug 4, 2007
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    sounds like a plan thanks to all i think ill use it to back up all my covers, saves and other gaming tools.
  6. nukeboy95

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    not sure
    i use it to move big files for one computer to a other