What to look for in a n3DS?

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    I've been rocking my OoT o3DS running my own fork of rxTools for quite some time now, but it feels like it's getting to be time to upgrade to an n3DS. Problem is I'm pretty confused with the info I've been seeing.

    Really, if I were to buy a n3DS right now, would I want to get one from eBay with specific firmware or would going to GameStop and buying whatever n3DS XL is on the shelf suffice? I'm totally out of the loop as far as what firmware they're shipping with, let alone whether it's exploitable.

    I know that if I get one I'm going to want to perform a "hardmod," which itself is essentially just soldering an SD card connector to the eMMC, right? In other words, all a hardmod does is allow me to connect the eMMC NAND to a card reader external to the 3DS so I can backup and restore even if the console has a hard brick? I'm sure I could find a how to for that

    And really, what's the basic outline of what needs to be done to hack a newly purchased n3DS? Do I need any specific games, or is it still possible to do using a combination of exploits native to the 3DS System Software? I remember originally hacking my o3DS using a Spider exploit to load the Gateway 3DS's ROM from my SD, but I read that things are more complicated to get that initial payload in for a n3DS?

    Oh, and I've read conflicting things here, on my o3DS I downgraded MSET to the 4.5 version and was able to install a DS Profile exploit to launch rxTools in lieu of HomeMenuHax or Spider even though its NAND FW is at 9.2-20U. Is it possible to do something like that on a n3DS? Would I even want to?

    Basically, where do I start without completely overcomplicating things?
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    If you're planning to do a Hardmod you can buy any 3DS, if it is on 9.0-9.2 you are lucky and can just install a CFW, if it's lower than 10.4 you can downgrade to 9.2 with memchunkhax2 and if it's 10.6 (newest Version) or lower you can downgrade your native_firm to 10.2 and then your whole 3DS to 9.2 (again with memchunkhax2). You can find exact steps for these thi tutorials for these steps on the forum. In my opinion the best tutorial for cfw on n3ds is from wurstpistole.