What to do with your old mobile phone?

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    Apr 4, 2006

    Hokuto Systems (from Japan) have announced... something.
    (Or maybe it was DDL ltd. I dunno.)

    After searching the net far and wide, and looking at the texts from every conceivable angle, and translating from several different languages into several other languages and back... it's still kinda fuzzy, but here it goes.

    There's this firm or firms out there, that are offering small PDA-like device thingies, supposedly made from recycled phones. Which would make them cheaper. The device itself would have a CPU at 81 MHz, 40 KB RAM, 2.2'' 320*240 LCD screen, mp3 support, and several expansion options, like a CMOS camera, card reader, USB port or USB host, available depending on the customers' wishes. Quite a lot of features, it appears, for a lower price than similar devices out there, because some of the components are recycled from old/unsold mobile phones (from Japan; knowing they're on 4G over there, "old mobile phone" has a whole other meaning); however, the only confirmed recycled component is the LCD.

    And no, you can't send them your phone.

    More (contradicting) information here, here, here, and if you can read Japanese, here.
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    Nov 6, 2002

    Still, this reminds me that my NGage is now a brick, and I don't know for what reason. =(
    It still had some much to give...... [​IMG]