What to do with a brand new N3DS

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    Nov 8, 2014
    Im very familiar with the scene for the Wii/WiiU but im completely LOST with the 3DS. Ive tried to read the FAQs and stickies but i cannot find an answer.

    Basically, i want to buy a brand new New 3DS, and as far as i know there is a big chance it will come with 9.2.

    My questions are:

    1.- Will i be able to run a flashcart with DS games on it?
    2.- What about emulators? (mainly NES, SNES)
    3.- Will i be able to run 3DS ROMS, and what is the best option to do that?

    Im very sorry for this noob post, but i ve searched everywhere and the current stickies and FAQs are for people that are familiar with the scene and not very intuitive.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Oct 26, 2014
    1. yes (dstwo)
    2. yes (dstwo)
    3. yes 9.2 or lower (gateway) / 9.3 and up (sky3ds)
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    Honestly I wouldn't say that there's a BIG chance that you'll end up with 9.2 for the N3DS if you're buying it now. I would recommend finding the thread here with a list of serial codes compiled from users here on GBATEMP and make sure you're buying a console that will be 9.2 and under.

    1- Yes, as long as it's not super outdated. Since you're looking for a n3ds I'm presuming you're going to be getting a Gateway. Which comes with two cards, the red card that plays 3ds games and blue which acts as a r4 clone and can play ds games. You will need to install the bluecardfix.cia to your sysnand that is included with their update to be able to run the blue card.
    2-Home brew scene is still rising so not too many emulators yet however blargSNES has a ~90% compatibipity rate with roms for SNES emulation and I am not sure if there's a NES one... Im pretty sure there is actually. Keep in mind you will NEED a Gateway to run home brew and install .cias. Sky3ds can only play roms from your region so it's not region free either. But it can support firmware up to 9.7.. if you get a n3ds lower than 9.2 or at 9.2 definitely go with gateway as it holds more features.
    3- Yes, gateway 3ds or sky3ds. Preferably gateway if you have a compatible n3ds as it has more features and can support homebrew.